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Some command line tooling to download, extract and set the version of oc on the local system.

Downloads the compressed oc binary to this module and extracts the various oc versions to the following locations

       |_ 3.7
       |_ 3.9
       |_ 3.10
       |_ 3.11
       |_ 4.1
       |_ 4.2
       |_ 4.3
       |_ 4.4
       |_ 4.5
       |_ 4.6

Sets the oc binary to execute by symlinking



  • node 10
  • npm
  • os linux


Installation from npm

npm install -g change_oc

Installation from source clone and install the repo

git clone
cd change_oc
npm install


From npm run the module


From source run the npm start script and follow the onscrean instructions

npm start


Change binary

Release Steps

  • Make changes
  • If necessary update
  • Update
  • Squash commits to single commit
  • Commit the changes
  • Bump the version in the package.json
  • Remove package-lock.json and run npm install
  • Second commit for version bump
  • Merge changes from the PR
  • Pull upstream changes to master
  • Publish the changes npm publish